Places you must visit for a hot summer

Many people go on holidays during the hot season. With plenty of exotic locations, cultural events and fun activities, summer is the perfect opportunity for those who want a vacation filled with splashes, water sports and laughter. Spend your vacation in the most exquisite places and offer your family an unforgettable adventure. Bring you camera and capture all the lovely moments you share together.

If you want an entertaining destination for an escape with your friends, then choose Rio de Janeiro and discover all the attractions within the city. From idyllic beaches to extreme sports and lively nightlife, get a taste of one of the best places in Brazil. You can explore the warm waves of the ocean with your surf buddies in the day and at night take pleasure in the musical rhythms of samba events.

Expand you trip to Colombia for a unique experience in the tropical landscapes of the country. Pick your stay in the charming Cartagena and discover the paradise on the Caribbean coast. You will love a visit to the old town for a historical lesson and the colonial architectural jewels, or a day on the white-sand beach for a relaxing dive in the azure water and amazing seafood.

For the Orient lovers, a journey to the Turkish lands is a must. With the rich mix of cultures, history heritage, delicious food and cosmopolitan vibes, Istanbul is a one-of-a-kind choice for every tourist. Whether you enjoy a tour of the huge markets, or you have a look at the Byzantine masterpieces like the Aya Sofya or the Blue Mosque, you will definitely create beautiful memories in this town.

The countryside of Tuscany is a wonderful getaway for every individual who craves peace and dazzling sceneries. From the numerous vineyards to the traditional tempting cuisine, take a tour through one of the most alluring cities in Italy and experience the Mediterranean way of life. No matter where you go for your next summer trip, make sure you have lots of fun with your loved ones and try new things!